Audio Equipment

This equipment is available to augment or upgrade existing radio stations.


Six Channel Audio Mixer

This particular unit features four line inputs and two microphone inputs (high and low impedance), all via RCA connectors. It can operate in both mono or stereo and has a dual channel visual modulation level display. It has a channel pre-selection for cue and control as well as an audio monitor (headphone) level control. The unit operates directly from 13.8 Volts DC, making it very useful for certain isolated community stations.  It also features dual high and low level outputs for connection to a radio broadcast transmitter, to an audio line amplifier for outdoor public address broadcasts, or to both simultaneously.

Mixer box

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Field Reporter wireless phone interface

The FIELD REPORTER handheld wireless phone interface is used for relaying audio from the field to a studio, whether it be a sporting event commentary, reporting at live events, or field interviews. A radio station commentator or reporter can relay audio to the radio station’s studio using a FIELD REPORTER connected to a wireless phone dialled into a studio landline phone, where that line is interconnected to a broadcast console or mixer. Alternatively, a second FIELD REPORTER unit can be used at the studio if a wireless phone is also used there.

Field Reporter features and instructions

Field ReporterField
            Reporter Panel

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Telephone land line to console patch

The LL-PATCH telephone interconnect is used for interfacing a dial-up landline telephone line (or fixed phone line) to a studio console, such as the Wantok-SBS-1 or SBS-2, or any other studio console or audio mixer, where a single audio mixer channel is used.  This permits the broadcast station to conduct live interviews or broadcast live feeds originating over the telephone network. Examples are field reporting and telephone interviews initiated at the studio.

LL-Patch features and instructions


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Studio to transmitter link isolator / amplifier

The main application for this two channel (stereo), split box system is for long studio to transmitter audio cable runs. Using balanced audio lines increases the common-mode rejection ratio, thereby reducing noise and AC hum seen with unbalanced lines.  Selectable audio amplifiers supply gain if required for long lossy cable runs.     

STL-ISOAMP features

STL-ISOAMP studio endSTL-ISOAMP transmitter end

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Audio isolation interface

This unit can be used in any mono or stereo audio chain, providing isolation between equipment connected to either side of the isolation transformer, reducing issues of ground loops, noise, and hum. Additionally, the unit provides both balanced (XLR) connections and unbalanced (¼” phone or phono) connections on both sides of the isolation transformer.

ISO-BALUN features

MP3/CD Player

The MP3/CD player is capable of playing both MP3 recorded compact discs and regular compact discs.

CD operating features include continuous play, skip track search, pause/cue capability, random play, programmed play, repeat play and introductory scan.  These units have a digital buffer memory that stores up to 60 seconds of play to prevent skipping if the console is accidentally bumped.

MP3 operating features will support a maximum 256 directory MP3 discs or a maximum 512 track (file) MP3 discs.  All of the play mode features of the CD player also apply to the MP3 discs. In addition, it features Directory Playback and Directory Program.

  CD / MP3 player     Click on Image for a larger view      CD/MP3

 Tape Cassette Recorder / Player

These units feature full play and record capability. They have pause and cue with a mechanical tape counter to assist in locating various tracks on the tape, they readily plug in and out of the console and come with an additional microphone, edit plug and edit cord to permit field recording and editing of local material. These units utilize standard 30, 60 and 90 minute cassette tapes.

Cassette player / recorder       Click on Image for a larger view      Cassette player / recorder


These units are a high-quality, high sensitivity, wide range unidirectional microphones. The flexible neck permits easy adjustment for individual operators. Their directional pickup pattern cuts down on unwanted background sounds and allows greater distance between the microphone and the sound source reducing feedback problems. They feature a wire mesh screen to cut down on breath pops and an XLR connector for a balanced low impedance connection.

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In-Line amplifier

Audio amp

This is a small audio amplifier that simply plugs into any audio line using RCA jacks. It requires 12 Volts to operate and it efficiently boosts any audio signal. On the Wantok-SBS-1 and Wantok-SBS-2 studio console, the 12 Volts may be tapped right off the audio board or from the auxiliary 12 Volt source on the back of  the panel.  For more information, see the In-Line Amplifier page.

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