A complete broadcast console with computer controlled programming, in a single suitcase.

 All required components included, you need only supply power.

The computer is optional, but very useful.

This console features a CD/MP3 player, an iPod type MP3 player, our six channel mixer, a console microphone and a microphone connector box for up to three additional microphones. There is a pocket for additional solid state storage devices such as iPods, and a compander circuit for utilizing off air or satellite received programming to its best advantage.

Other features include the capability of switching external audio sources into the console via the auxiliary switching at the back of the console. A DC supply board, with voltages of 5, 6, 9 and 12 Volts DC, is also available to supply power to external equipment.

Any computer can be connected to the back of the console with a simple Sony to RCA cable. Simply take the audio output from the computer's line or headphone output jack and plug it into the amplified console circuit via the RCA push-on connector.

The computer is optional; we typically supply a notebook computer which can be used to record segments or shows, store music or other recorded files, and generate playlists which can be entire radio shows set up in advance. You may use an existing one or try purchasing through one of the development assistance agencies like www.ink-media.com &/or www.inveneo.org .

Component specifications

Key Benefits

[Bullet] This is a complete broadcast station in a single case.  A high gain antenna comes in an accompanying 1  
     meter tube.  The station is fully portable or may be used as a permanent FM community broadcast station.
[Bullet] The console portion of the system is ideal for community access to existing networks.
[Bullet] It readily accepts any audio source for rebroadcasting including satellite, off-air or off-net programming.

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