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Applications of the Wantok-SBS-1 and Wantok-SBS-2

Studio application

Low cost, Low power Community FM Radio

The Wantok-SBS-1 and Wantok-SBS-2 are the solutions to low cost, low power community FM radio. They permit low start up and operating/maintenance costs. They are able to achieve this by utilizing high quality commercial equipment without requiring extensive training for it's operators. They are easily transportable due to their compact designs. This is useful for providing service in areas where population may be spread out across several villages/communities. Having your own community radio permits local event programming, using local languages and dialects. It can also provide support to community safety services and may be connected to either off-air or satellite program feeds to fill in off hours of operation.

Studio application

Education, Training and a Tool for Socio-Economic Development

Ideal as a low cost educational tool for all ages, any culture or any language. Particularly relevant to population groups with oral traditions. Can be used to provide both formal and practical education programs. May be used with solar panel or wind generator systems to bring services to communities well beyond existing power networks.


Disaster Response

When other systems fail, use batteries, small generators or solar power to broadcast vital information to the population. Use the Wantok-SBS-1 or Wantok-SBS-2 from fixed locations or mobile vehicles to supply vital information on health, shelter, food or registration and protection information to refugees of war or natural disasters. An essential tool during floods/earthquakes/hurricanes/storms or wildfire situation where information must be provided.

Outside Broadcast Unit

The Wantok-SBS-1 and Wantok-SBS-2 Suitcase Broadcast Station makes an excellent Outside Broadcast Unit for remote broadcasting that you may want linked back to the main station for re-broadcast. 

Using an omni-directional antenna at the remote broadcast location, the unit can be quickly set up for doing an on-site broadcast at any major event or local disaster scene. Using a directional FM antenna back at the main station, the signal from the remote Wantok-SBS-1 or Wantok-SBS-2 can be picked up and re-broadcast over the primary broadcast station for the region.  

At sports events, a second set of outputs on the mixer permits feed to a line amplifier which in turn can drive loudspeakers. This means the event can be broadcast over speakers, locally on FM and nationally on FM, simultaneously. 

Local Access  

The Wantok-SBS-1 or Wantok-SBS-2 Suitcase Broadcast Station console is an ideal unit to permit local access to a national broadcasting system. Frequently, by mutual agreement, communities are allowed to cut off the national broadcast feed at their local transmitter during designated times and to substitute local input for their location.  The Wantok-SBS-1 and Wantok-SBS-2 consoles are ideal for this purpose, being low cost options that provides an affordable way for communities to have a voice in the national networks.


As with the local access application, the Wantok-SBS-1 or Wantok-SBS-2 consoles are ideal low-cost web casting units that are fully portable and easily connected. Requiring only a single cable from the console to the computer, you can be up and operating on the web in minutes.

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