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International Broadcast Transmitters provides a wide range of technical and operational services. These include technical support, training and installation of broadcast stations. Consultants are also available upon request.

Manuals and technical information

On site installation of all equipment performed by qualified technicians.
On site 'hands-on' training provided on the operation and maintenance of equipment.. Exercise-type manuals specifically configured to the needs of individual station owner/operator.
Technical Support
Our technicians are available to assist you with any questions you may have regarding your equipment or upgrading of your system.

With a well equipped radio electronics shop, International Broadcast Transmitters can provide test and measurement services for it's own and others' radio transmitters, radio receivers, RF filters, and audio equipment, and provide detailed reports regarding the equipment's specifications and capabilities.  We utilise communications test sets, spectrum analyzers, RF wattmeters, RF signal generators, audio signal generators, an antenna sweeper, a field intensity meter, calibrated antennas, etc.

We can perform audio and RF equipment environmental testing, by submitting it to extreme but controlled temperatures in our thermal test chamber.

Consultants are available in the fields of planning, development, installation, and training. Qualified personnel are available to conduct socio-economic impact studies if required. 
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